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I’ve Got Chic in My Pants

Sparking up controversy is the banned Huggies commercial of their limited edition denim printed diapers.

A typical diaper add consists of a baby modeling off the diaper or being changed and a demonstration of how absorbent the diaper is by blue liquid being poured into it. Creative directer Richie Glickman stated “We’re moving away from the saccharine and getting into a little more reality and humor.” Apparently not the whole audience found the commercial pleasing. The Huggies diaper commercial was accepted by thirteen networks including NBC, TNT, and E! Three networks that refused to broadcast the ad were ABC, ABC Family and Sprout. They objected to show the word “pooping” which appears at the end of the commercial.

Even though viewer’s have found the commercial offensive, consumers have found it convenient. Co-founder Jen Drexler of Just Ask a Woman, a marketing firm that specializes in reaching female consumers, said that jeans were a “uniform” for young mothers and that Huggies had identified a “great social currency moment”, not to mention the convenience of the diapers for their babies. (link)