Stop Motion

Stop motion is all about moving an object, taking a picture of it, going back and moving the object, and taking a picture of it again, and continuing so fourth until you have achieved  the pictures you need to show the object moving from point A to point B. I have had my own experience working with stop motion and it is a timely process. You spend hours and hours working on the project capturing photos. In the end all those hours spent is compressed into just a few minutes, but its all worth it.

Stop motion has become a common trend with television commercials. The video above is a commercial by Target. Target and other commercials that have used stop motion and have started off in a bed scene have taken that idea from a music video for the song “Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie. This shows how media inspires each other and how trends are set.

The Amazon Kindle (video above) has created various stop motion commercials for their product as well and they are all very creative. There has been some amazing stop motion used in advertisements and after watching such commercials it leaves vieweres, i believe, in awe and makes them question how in the world do they do it.

Here is a XBOX 360 commercial that has also incorporated stop motion into their advertisements.

  1. I agree that the stop motion videos are eye catching. I really like the different look it gives compared to the normal filmed commercials. I am not sure if it makes me want to go out and buy the product, but it does make me want to watch the commercial over again.

  2. After I saw all three ads i never realized that stop motion was so popular in the media. Previously I had hear of stop of motion, but i never thought it was popular because it takes a lot of work. You could also talk about shows or movies that do stop motion. Shows or movies that tend to this are mostly animated. I know the creators of these shows take pictures of dolls or images of drawings, and slowly create a picture. However television shows do not make stop motion too obvious at least from what i have seen.

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