Theres A Soldier In All of Us

The commercial for the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops with cameos by Jimmy Kimmel and Kobe Bryant is supposed to be a “dramatization of what its like to play the game,” according to Rob Schwartz during an interview with AdAge.

The commercial takes the typical stereotype of gamers to rest and portrays ordinary people playing combat games. They show a variation of people both male and female. Theres a businesswomen, a nurse,  a construction worker, teenage girls, and much more. The commercial shows that not just middle-aged men play such games but that different ordinary people do.

The following video shows a  segment from 1st and 10 where Bomani Jones and Skip Bayless argue about Kobe Bryant’s appearance in the commercial and how it hurts his image. Which I highly disagree with. Skip Bayless states “What were you thinking? Does Kobe Bryant really need this money this badly?” ” He is smiling while wielding an assault riffle in combat while we have troops overseas this moment doing the same thing for real in combat, it’s completely out-of-bounds,” and Bomani Jones slightly counters his rant by saying Kobe Bryant’s reason for doing the commercial was because it’s the coolest thing he has done. I think Bayless is overreacting, just because Bryant is in a commercial for a military game that involves shooting and killing insurgents what makes it any different from all the other actors and actress’s in the commercial. Even though he’s a public figure, I doubt any other critic would make such a big fuss if some other actor or actress played the part. Jimmy Kimmel is also in the commercial but no one is bashing him for holding a grenade launcher. It’s just a commercial promoting a game, and I think it’s a very clever way of doing it. Especially the scene where they do a first person view-point, because that’s how it is while your playing during the game.

There are loads of games that involve killing and shooting, during the talk show they bring up Grand Theft Auto, which I feel is more violent than Call of Duty. Is Bayless overreacting? Or do you agree that this commercial is too much and out-of-bounds. Or does catch your attention like the creators intended and makes you want to go out and play the game?

I feel like I can relate to the commercial because I for one play the video game. I think its cool how it shows that behind the characters in the game are real life people controlling them, and not just a certain type people who enjoy video games but different people who you wouldn’t expect to be playing them.


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