MAC vs. PC

Do you remember the Apple commercials with Justin long where he portrays  MAC and another man is with him, I’m not too familiar with the actor but his name is John Hodgman, and he’s suppose to represent a PC? Well, according to an article called “Hidden Dimension — A Technical Analysis of Apple’s New TV Ads” by John Martellaro, Martellaro discusses the tactics of Apple TV ads. When the Apple commercials came out comparing MAC’s and PC’s to one another viewers thought of the commercials to be mainly focused on those who own MAC’s, but Martellaro argues that since Apple decided to air the commercials during prime time and not an exclusive site like MacAddict CD their primary audience was the general public and not just those who own MAC’s. What good would come to Apple if they only advertised to a little part of the whole population?

The commercial uses humans as metaphors for the computer systems they are supposed to represent. In the commercial the MAC system played by Justin Long is usually dressed casually. Long sleeve button down shirt some pants and sneakers. While the PC is played by this white male, maybe early thirty’s, a thick figure, wears glasses, has short brown hair, and his character mainly wears suits in a majority of the commercials. He gives of a nerd stereotype. Usually the PC complains about the errors in his system, and the way Justin Long acts it seems that he’s more superior and that the system he represents doesn’t face the issues that the PC does.

John Martellaro quotes “These Apple ads speak to objective truth. The Internet is a very dangerous place and getting worse every day. They say: take responsibility. Evaluate. Don’t let your security and privacy, joy and creativity die a fiery death.” Martellaro also says that “Apple is a very hard-nosed, tightly run company. These ads were expensive, and this analysis suggests that there was a lot of thought put into them to make sure they provide a return on investment.”


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