3 million for 30 seconds

The Super Bowl has become a significant day for advertisements. Advertisers pay millions just to air a thirty-second commercial during the game. Why? I believe its because advertisers now that all football fans around the world are sitting and watching the television and they know that is a perfect opportunity to create some type of extravagant commercial to capture their attention as well as sell their product.

Ever wonder how it all started? Well, it all began with Apples “1984” commercial (video above) which aired the same year dramatically changed the idea of Super Bowl advertising. A trade magazine called Advertising Age claimed that “it turned the Super Bowl from a football game into advertising’s Super Event of the year, and it ushered in the era of advertising as news.” The ridiculous price for a thirty second commercial did not hit one million dollars until the mid-1990s. Over the years it steadily climbed and today it costs three million dollars to air an ad during the Super Bowl.

Apples “1984” commercial helped create a new path for commercial directors such as Michael Bay and David Fincher. It encouraged them to cross over into producing feature films. Also ad agencies and directors such as Spike Lee began producing little half-minute masterpieces. Super Bowl commercials have become something worth looking forward to during the game. Viewers are able to see what kind of creativity franchises have gathered to sell their products within a thirty-second commercial.

It has also served as a gateway for broadcasting stations to promote new programs or existing hits. This year FOX has announced that they will be airing a new “Glee” episode following the Super Bowl.

It is expected that one hundred million-plus United States audiences will tune in on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl.

  1. Is every advertisement successful during the Super Bowl? I mean, does every product that they advertise during the Super Bowl make a successful revenue in comparison to other advertisements that they air in other times? Is it worth the money that they spend in order to advertise during the Super Bowl?

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